SCIN131 Lab Assignment 2 Essay

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Lesson 2 Lab: Weighing on an Analytical Balance & Distillation PART 1 Begin by viewing the following Thinkwell video 15.1.8 CIA Demonstration: Weighing on an Analytical Balance After you watch the above video, answer the questions below in sufficient detail: (a) (2 pts) What are the features of an electronic balance? Include all of those discussed in the video. Answer: There were two features of an electronic balance discussed in this video. First there is the electronic read out which makes the measurement very accurate and the tare feature which can reset the balance to zero when something such as a container is still on the balance (Yee, n.d., Weighing…). (b) (1 pts) What does “tare” mean? What is the importance of the…show more content…
How and why does it work? Be clear and specific. Answer: Distillation is a method for separating a liquid from a solid or from another liquid in which the liquid is boiled off and then recondensed (Yee, n.d., Distilliation). It works because the substance you are looking to distill is boiled off recondensed and separated. It can be used to purify liquids from solids or from other liquids (Yee, n.d., Distillation). (b) (2 pts) Describe the apparatus and setup for a distillation. Include all components. Answer: The distillation apparatus consists of a round bottom flask connected through an adapter to a condenser, which is connected through another adapter to a second round bottom flask (Yee, n.d., Distillation). There is a thermometer connected through the thermometer adapter at the top (Yee, n.d., Distillation). There is also a vacuum adapter and a heating mantle. The heating mantle is a coil which heats through electrical resistance (Yee, n.d., Distillation). You use cold water and make sure that it goes in through the bottom and out through the top (Yee, n.d., Distillation). (c) (2 pts) Imagine that you wanted to perform a distillation at your own home (remember, distillation as a technique is not illegal—it is only illegal if you use it to produce alcohol), but you did not have the fancy lab equipment that you saw in the video. How could you do it? How could you improvise in terms of equipment? Explain the entire setup in detail and how the

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