SCUBA Diving is Exhilarating

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A person’s first breathe underwater is one of the most exhilarating feelings someone can have in their life. Over seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, but less than ten percent of the world’s population ever has the opportunity to explore the serene underwater landscape. Many people may explore the water on boats or swimming the surface, but the true beauty lies beneath. SCUBA diving has become a very safe sport that people of all ages can enjoy. Although SCUBA diving can be expensive considering traveling to multiple destinations; it can usually be done locally for fun weekend getaways that are less than going to an amusement park. When a person is ready to take their first breathe there are many options to getting certified, but one is better than the rest. The first question people always ask is in regards to the safety of diving. When a person begins their underwater adventure they will learn about different things that can hurt them while diving. The common concern about sharks is based mostly in myth and Hollywood movies. Sharks avoid humans as much as humans do. All aquatic life should be viewed but left alone; this is the best way to avoid injury from the life under the sea. The largest concern with SCUBA diving stems from the pressure of the water on the human body. When a person is standing at sea level they have one atmosphere of pressure pushing on their body. We have adapted to this and do not feel or notice it. When a person enters the
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