SDS: Significant New Data

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When is the SDS updated? SDSs are required to be accurate at the time of sale. An SDS will be required to be updated when the supplier becomes aware of any "significant new data". The definition of "significant new data" is: "New data regarding the hazard presented by a hazardous product that changes its classification in a category or subcategory of a hazard class, or result in its classification in another hazard class, or change the ways to protect against the hazard presented by the hazardous product." (Source: Canada Gazette, Part II, Hazardous Products Regulations, Section 5.12 (1)) This definition means that an SDS must be updated when there is new information that changes how the hazardous product is classified, or when there are changes…show more content…
Every SDS must provide a date of last revision in Section 16 – Other Information. You will know if an SDS has been updated by checking this date, and comparing it to the one on any previous SDS you have. Note that there is no requirement for the supplier to provide an updated SDS to past purchasers of a hazardous product. However, it continues to be good practice to provide this information to purchasers who may still be using the product As an employer, do I have responsibilities for SDSs? Yes. Employers will be required to make sure that all hazardous products (as defined by the Hazardous Products Regulations have an up-to-date SDS when it enters the workplace. The SDSs must be readily available to the workers who are exposed to the hazardous product, and to the health and safety committee or representative. Employers may computerize the SDS information as long as: • all employees have access to and are trained on how to use the computer or device, • the computers/devices are kept in working order, and • the employer makes a hard copy of the SDS available to the employee or health and safety committee/representative upon…show more content…
To ensure that SDS users can quickly find the information that they need, information directed toward these various users will be listed in specific sections. Having a set format will make it easier to find the information you need on every SDS. Is all the information I need on the SDS? Not necessarily. A lot of health hazard information, for example, is written in general terms. In addition, SDSs are often written for many different uses or applications of the product, and the handling and safety precautions may not be specific to your workplace. Your health and safety committee or representative, health and safety specialist, occupational health nurse or family doctor, supervisor, employer, or supplier should be able to help you find more information if needed. As a worker, when would I use an SDS? Always be familiar with the hazards of a product before you start using it. You should look at an SDS, match the name of the product on the container to the one on the SDS, know the hazards, understand safe handling and storage instructions, as well as understand what to do in an
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