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Organization and Administration Final Exam: Question 2
According to researchers, the experiences of students in higher education have been examined through a variety of lenses. These include race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Low socioeconomic status (SES) students are outside the mainstream and arguably equally disadvantaged in higher education. SES, however, has received little attention in comparison to the aforementioned special interest groups (Walpole, 2003). Scholars who have worked to address this gap in the literature, found low SES and high SES students exhibit different behaviors in college choice, matriculation, persistence, and post-secondary enrollment (Walpole, 2003; John and Paulsen, 2002). These variances demonstrate that students with greater financial concerns are more at risk in terms of access to and success in college. This essay will address the impact of SES on college access and success. In addition, this essay will analyze the mission statement of The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) for connections to issues of SES in college access and/or success.
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This, along with pressures from policymakers, led to practices that emphasized SES as a measure of academic success that negatively impacted the matriculation of underrepresented students. These practices rewarded higher SES students and penalized lower SES, resulting in misaligned financial packages that impacted their access to the institution and ability persist. Aligning of institutional scholarship to inform institutional policy is one example that would better represent the university’s mission of advancing society through research, creative activity, and scholarly inquiry. When combined with its pledge to public service, the institution has a greater ability to frame its work and positively impact issues of access and success for low SES
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