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SG Cowen is a financial firm in the U.S. that is running a hiring process, conducted by Chip RAE who is the director of recruiting at SG Cowen. The case shows the modality through which the hiring process for new outside associates, which begins in the fall, works.

The company has different sources of recruiting associates: some analysts can be promoted to first-year associate after being 3 years in the company, without needing to go to a business school. Another source of candidates is students who are proposed a full-time contract after they finish their internship in the company. A third option is to hire outside candidates from
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Planning and recruiting need a plan to go on. If we first look the model steps, we will see the following steps:
OBJECTIVE which is including quality of employees and job performance
STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT with the answer of these questions: Whom? Where? When?
RECRUITMENT OBJECTIVES as sources message about job
INTERVENING about offer, attention and knowledge of candidates

However, it is a just general approach to view HRM processes of the company. Probably these steps are same in all the firms. So if we need to go on more staffing side of the reviewing, we would prefer to analyze the case in the Bottom-Line Chronology on Staffing.
It starts with the defining the job with a focus on job specifications (competencies) compatible with strategic goals and executing these goals. In the last lesson also we went on the importance of descriptions so it is essential to structure what kind of job requirements needed according to specifications.
Second step of Bottom- Line Chronology is recruiting from a broad pool of candidates. Later it is moving on using valid initial screening devices, doing background and references check using behavioral interviewing technique with structured format or independent multiple interviewers asking behavioral questions. Using weighting scheme for information and extend an offer are the final steps of that chronology. In the book it is mentioned that
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