SGT In Canada

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In recent months, there has been a controversy over Sophie Gregoire Trudeau(SGT)’s comment. According to SUN+, she said “I have three children and a husband who is prime minister. I need help. I need a team to help me serve the people” (Alan, F. 2016). After telling such a comment to Canadian government, SGT is being criticized by some people and politicians because she does not have a official work as a Justin Trudeau(JT)’s wife as well as the role of first lady has no formal status in Canada. That is why her opponents is expressing themselves uncomfortable about her request. However, she is currently a spouse of JT, which means he makes her busier. In spite of the fact that her requirement is highly controversial and some people are opposing,…show more content…
According to Winnipeg Free Press, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife was roundly criticized for stating she needs more help with her ceremonial duties. She reportedly receives many requests from different charities and functions, and wants to attend them. With only one staff member and no office at her disposal, it’s clearly difficult to accomplish this” ( ~, 2016). For the reason above, SGT is being overwhelmed by a number of works. However, people who are not in favor of her comment claimed that there is no accurate system about first lady in Canada, and as such office is unnecessary for SGT in that she is not a formal position. Having said that, it is false that politicians or government just ignore her request because Mila Mulroney, who is a spouse of previous prime minister Brian Mulroney, was fond of fashion and extravagant. Also, her prime minister opined that “[I]f Mila ever had her credit card stolen, he wouldn’t report it to police because the thief would probably spend less on it than Mila” (Alan, F. 2016). Mila Mulroney even had her own office and more staffers than SGT. Mila Mulroney stands in clear contrast to SGT. Consequently, SGT has a right to remonstrate with the government about her personal office like Mila Mulroney had an office and more
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