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SHC 3.1 3.4 demonstrate strategies that can be used to clarify misunderstandings. There are many ways when situations can be misunderstood, this doesn’t just mean verbal. It could mean body language, attitude and the ways that you interact with another person. When you support somebody you will always have to get to know how is best to understand some one and then you as a support worker to approach situations and deal with. Language differences When providing support for some one that speaks a different language, can be a difficult and isolating experience for the person. When in this situation you need to understand exactly what language they talk and what they actually feel comfortable in ways of being approached. When in their home…show more content…
As everyone can’t deal with every situation that they are faced with. Each person will have no their own limitations, which is important and will show a higher degree of maturity and self-awareness than taking risks. This is nothing to be ashamed of, if you need help there are many ways of getting the help you need. You can contact family members, or other professional colleagues with experience and skills to help you deal with the situation. If some-one else who you are dealing with becomes distressed or aggressive, never hesitate to go and ask some-one for reassurance or help. As this can progress from some-one being upset, to distressed, then to being aggressive and in most cases anger. Then you will need to go and get help immediately. People who will progress to anger doesn’t always aim it at you who is trying to help them, they just have a build-up of frustration which you will see in their face. You need to look for help as you don’t know what the person intends to do, to themselves or others around them. Most of the time they will harm themselves. Which seeking advice and help is a first step which you will also have to explain to the person what you are exactly doing to help and protect them. How to offer support. When trying to help some-one that is distressed, you first need to find out what sort of support they want and need. Some-times it is as simple as someone to listen to them or a hand to hold and

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