SHC what does it mean to ahve a duty of care?

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SHC 34 what does it mean to have a duty of care in my work role? To have a duty of care means you must aim to provide a high quality of care to the best of your ability, not act in a way that could case harm and always act in the best interest of the individual. In my work role I do this by keeping my knowledge up to date, such as attending weekly house meetings, attending young adult support meetings and attending training sessions provided by my employer. i make sure that i am in a position to know what needs to be done by receiving and giving handovers to the next staff group at the start and end of each shift, this ensures consistency and helps us to record necessary information, we have a shift check list to make sure that…show more content…
at this meeting we discuss what would be best for the individual and how that can be achieved. An example of a conflict between duty of care and individual right is a situation we had recently with young adult x (YAX) who has very sore skin on his testicles. It is our duty of care to apply cream to this area as directed by his GP however it is his individual right to refuse this cream. However due to his lack of understanding that this could lead to further health implications such as infection, it has been decided that we will do a desensitisation program with YAX to help him overcome his fear of the cream so that it can be applied. Other situations that could arise could be around a young adult not wanting to take their medication but not understanding the importance of the medication and the consequences of not taking it, if it is for something like epilepsy or depression. we are aware that the young adults have the right to take risks but we have a duty of care to support them with this as safely as possible. an example of this recently was taking some of the young adults snow tubing at Bracknell dry ski slope, the young adults have the right to try something new and to take the risks associated with this, such as falling over or falling out of the tube while it is moving, so to make this safe for them we made sure we had done a thorough

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