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SIG Interview Questions 1. Torpedo question: 2 torpedoes, each with 1/3 probability of hitting/ sinking a ship 2. I have 20% chance to have cavity gene. If I do have the gene, there is 51% chance that I will have at least one cavity over 1 year. If I don’t have the gene, there is 19% chance that I will have at least one cavity over 1 year. Given that I have a cavity in 6 months, what’s the probability that I have at least a cavity over 1 year? 3. What is the probability of 5 people with different ages siting in ascending or descending order at a round table? 4. We are racing, and can at any time signal to the other that we would like to double our bet. We've put down 100 to start and during the race I signal to you I want to double…show more content…
Also, cards worth less than 5 are now valued at $0. What is the maximum price you are now willing to pay for the game? 19. Marble weighing questions 20. How many ways can 5 different people sit down at a round table? How many ways can 5 different people sit down in a line of chairs? What if they were seated at a long table with exactly five seats (the 5 people will sit side by side)? 21. I want to have a birthday party outside this weekend (i.e. need sunny weather). On Saturday, the chance of rain is 60 percent, sun 40 percent. On Sunday, rain is 80 percent, sun is 20 percent. From there, the interviewer can ask an array of questions: What are the chances I can have my party this weekend? If I have my party, what are the chances my party is on Saturday/Sunday? Variation: You can hold a party only if there is no rain on either saturday or sunday. The probability of rain on a saturday is 80% and 60% for sunday. What is the probablity you can hold a party at the weekend? Given that you held a party, what is the probability that that it rained at the weekend? 22. Two blind men are carrying 3 pairs of red rocks and 3 pairs of white socks. They hit each other in the mall and have to redistribute the socks so that they receive the same amount of each color they had before. They can't receive any outside help. How do they do it? 23. If i toss 3 pieces on a tic-tac-toe board at random, and I pay you $9 if
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