SIOP Lesson Plan Essay

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SIOP ®Lesson Plan
Grade Eighth- Social Studies
10 Students differing English proficiency levels

STANDARDS: Concept 6(Arizona Standards)


LI-4: explaining the meaning of grade-specific academic vocabulary and symbols with instructional support.
LI-12: determining the appropriate definition of a multiple-meaning word in context with visual support.
LI-13: analyzing grade-level content words in context to determine meaning with instructional support.
LI-14: using reference materials, print and/or electronic, to identify meanings, spelling, pronunciation, and usage of words.

LESSON TOPIC: Introduction to Abolitionist in the U.S. - 8th Grade Social Studies

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PRESENTATION: (Language and content objectives, comprehensible input, strategies, interaction, feedback)
To further Scaffold the instruction and to build on previous information an activity is provided below:

Activity/Warm- Up (5 Minutes)
What is the difference between Succeeding and Annexation? Why do you think the attitudes of the day prompted people to want to do these two things? What issues were at hand ( or taking place during this time?) Students will be selected at random to discuss their own answers.

PRACTICE AND APPLICATION: (Meaningful activities, interaction, strategies, practice and application, feedback)

Cloze Read (10 Minutes): Students will take turns reading an excerpt of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beacher Stowe. Students will openly discuss the effect it had on Northern who did not know the horrors of slavery. Students will randomly selected to present their answers. Students must speak in complete sentences.
Activity One( 15 minutes)

Lecture Notes: Students will then proceeded to read another quick passage in their textbooks ( page 328), and in groups of four or less will discuss and create a chart comparing/ contrasting 3 things:
• Missouri Compromise of 1820
Compromise of 1850
• Kansas Nebraska Act

Activity Two: (15 minutes)
Students will receive blank maps.
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