SOC 100 Week 5 Assignment Technology and Social Change Essay examples

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Technology and Social Change Keith D. Howard SOC/100 June 1, 2015 Instructor: Christa Raines Technology and Social Change Introduction This report will examine how changes in technology are affected by society, in turn, how the society that produced this technology is impacted by this creation. The paper will specifically address the impact of personal computers, cell phones, and the internet on society, and how these technological advancements relate to the three major sociological perspectives; equilibrium model, digital divide, and cultural lag. The excessive use of computers has drastically changed the lives of many users. As a multifaceted tool, the computer is used for tasks to include research, homework, business related…show more content…
“With the increase in computer usage, many individuals are finding out that they are becoming more dependent on the computer. Individuals begin to find ‘virtual life’ more interesting than what is going on in their real lives,” (Computers and Their Impact, California State University Northridge, n.d.). It is also known that internet usage on cell/smart phones is a growing problem in the work force. Businesses are reporting that productivity and quality customer service is declining as a result of smartphone use. Cell phones in the workplace will cause disruptions such as talking loudly as well as loud ringtones, interrupting meetings, inappropriate, personal conversations, internet use, and gaming. According to a survey conducted on 145 out of 260 Chesapeake Fire Department employees, 56% claimed “Cell phones frequently interrupt training, meetings, and face-to-face conversations, which most consider rude and inconsiderate,” (How does the use of cell phones impact the Chesapeake Fire Department?, Long, n.d.). According to Talcott Parsons equilibrium model; as changes occur in one part of society, adjustments must be made in other parts. If not, society’s equilibrium will be threatened and strains will

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