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Chapter 1 – Exploring Race and Ethnicity Quick Quiz Multiple Choice Questions 1. In sociology, minority refers to the ________ group. a. dominant b. subordinate c. ruling d. sovereign Answer: b Question Title: TB_01_01_Ranking Groups_Remember_LO 1.1 Learning Objective: 1.1: Explain how groups are ranked. Topic: Ranking Groups Skill Level: Remember the Facts Difficulty Level: 1 – Easy Page Reference: 4 2. Which of the following statements is true of gender groups? a. Women are physically indistinguishable. b. Membership in gender groups is involuntary. c. Men are lowered to the position of the social minority. d. Women encounter prejudice and discrimination. Answer: d Question Title: TB_01_02_Types of Groups_Understand_LO 1.2

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