SOC 313 Week 5 Final Paper Where Is The Best Place For Ella

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Where is the best place for Ella?
SOC 313
Where is the best place for Ella?
Ella is an elderly lady with breast cancer, she is now in the last stages of the cancer an soon her life will be over. The social worker in this case must be able to determine the best care possible for this lady. Ella has a background of trusting only in natural remedies for ailments along with her husband John who is of Native American descent, and trust only in traditional methods for healing. When looking at only John and Ella’s viewpoints of health, the answer would be easy on how to care for this lady. However John and Ella have three children along with their spouses and four grandchildren, who all have their own ideas of how Ella should be cared for.
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While every effort should be made to comply, the patient’s wishes have to be considered in light of practical issues such as the availability of professional and volunteer support, and the attitudes and abilities of family members.” (Kaye, n.d.) This reporter gave information to the family on Hospice home health care.
Hospice home health care
“Hospice home health care encompasses the assistance of physicians, nurses, personal care assistants, counselors, therapists, chaplains, social workers, and trained volunteers. Note, each home health caregiver plays a unique and important role in the patient’s care. Specifically, each home health caregiver provides care in his or her area of expertise. In essence, home health hospice targets as many facets possible in terms of the patient’s care. After all, each home health caregiver wants to relieve and/or minimize pain as much as possible so that the patient can be comfortable. Moreover, home health hospice care managers provide the patient, as well as the family, with a care plan that lists the specific duties, work days, and hours of the each home health caregiver; this also includes contact information. In other words, continuity is ensured via the constant communication.” (Advantage, 2011)
Home health hospice is affordable
“Hospice home health care has yet another added benefit for terminally ill patients. In particular, this type of care generally costs significantly less than inpatient care in

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