Essay SOC110 R6 W1 The Value Of Teams Worksheet 3

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The Value of Teams Worksheet

After reading Ch. 1 and 2 of Working in Groups, answer the following questions in 150 to 200 words each.

1. In what kind of teams have you participated?
In my many years in working for the state of Georgia, I have worked in several groups, but the one that stands out the planning committee that I was serving on with my co-worker. We were trying to organize a non-profit organization called It takes a Village. We had a rough start but we worked to together and everyone understood the main goal and we all got assigned certain duties and once we complete the assigned task we, always assisted the other team members so that we get the job done.

2. How is communication in a team
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The second stage is the Storming stage this is where the team members address the issues at hand. This is when the team members may become argumentative and disagree. I think you will get to use your conclict resolution skills.
The third stage is the Norming stage, this is where the team members resolve tension and work together as a unified team in order to achieve the teams common goal/goals.
The fourth stage is Performing stage this is where they can focus their energy on both the task and social dimension of teamwork.
The fifth stage is the Adjourning stage, once the taeam reach this stage they have usually accomplished their common goal and may begin to disband.

5. How might stronger team skills benefit you? How might you use teamwork skills in your job? Provide specific examples.

When you work in a team or group setting it is more efficient. You know as the old saying goes,”two heads are better than one”, in a lot of cases this is very true. By working in a team setting you also have diversity and with that you should be able to reach your team’s common goal more easily,because you will have numerous choices to choose from. I believe that at any job you may be doing team work is vital to it’s daily function, because the different elements that each individual contributes to the job comes together so that daily operation functions as a whole, for example, I am the first point of contact and I play a vital part of daily operations, I have to be

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