SOF 535 Chocoholics Anonymous Report Te Essay

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Chocoholics Anonymous
Team Protégé
Thomas P. Vande Zande
Padma Rilapur
Sravani Tadimeti
Tenaaz Aqthari Syed Muneer
Stratford University SOF 535
Professor Butu
December 6, 2014

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Chocoholics Anonymous
While assessing the needs of the Chocoholics Anonymous organization our team agreed unanimously that we wanted to gain the most value out of this project. We first sat down and decided our approach for how to handle this project in the most professional and business simulating way possible. During this sit down we agreed to treat this project like a real business venture. For that we would use a hybrid approach that consisted of some project management techniques as well as agile software
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These use cases would drive the goals of the project and our general though and planning process to the user interface.
User Experience
We found that as we defined the use cases we began immediately thinking about how the use cases would look as a user interface and user experience. The user experience is an important piece to the overall puzzle of creating software. According to blog writer Dmitry Fadeyev “a good user interface needs to be clear, concise, familiar, responsive, consistent, attractive, efficient, and forgiving (Fadeyev, 2009).” When we set out to come up with a mocked user interface we talked about what items would make these graphics easy to understand. As well what would make them pop on the page or whatever would display them. For this we came up with a decent mocked set of graphics in html to emulate what the user would see in the interface for the application. This set of mocked up graphics would prove to be attractive, consistent, and even familiar. The other items on the list such as responsiveness, efficiency, and forgiveness would have to be realized after the actual development itself was accomplished.
The screen shots in Appendix E clearly show the basic principals we attempted to mock/create. We knew that a basic drop
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