SOL Testing In Education: A Case Study

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The Sol test is an important state standardized test for the state of Virginia. However, while preparing students to take this test teachers are forced to teach to the test and are unable to make sure that the students have retained the information given. The need to get successful scores on the Standards of Learning tests in Virginia causes students to have unnecessary stress. According to, ‘ teachers are forced to teach to the tests and short-change the rest of the curriculum simply to raise test scores’. When the teachers are forced to teach to the test they need to fit the requirements of the test in a short time frame. Since the teachers need to do this for the test they do not have time during class to answer questions and discuss topics that the students need information from to help them process it. Due to the SOL testing teachers are forced to bypass topics that are essential to the students but, not essential to the SOL tests. This leads to students holding information instead of memorizing information for long term applications. The SOL test should be made by educators that teach students, since they know what should be taught, instead of board members.…show more content…
Since it is mandatory to pass the SOL test, in the state of Virginia, in order to transcend to the next grade level students are forced to supply their own supplemental learning items. This leads
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