SOM Teacher Observation

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After completing the SOLOM teacher observation assignment I received great information about where my student stands and what areas he has room for improvements so that I can better his learning. My student has great comprehension skills. This is definitely his strongest skill out of the other four. He understood all directions given to him. He did have trouble understanding one word on his quiz so he asked his teachers for help. Under comprehension, I would give him a 4. He was able to understand what the teacher was saying and had no trouble on neither his quiz or test. If he was able to comprehend his quiz fully I would have given him a 5.

One area where my student struggle was fluency. During the class, he asked a question and he had trouble making a complete sentence. I gave my student a
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He only missed 4 out of 10 questions on his vocabulary test. I would rate his vocabulary skills at a 3. The only reason why I gave my student a 3 and not a 4 is because he still struggled to understand some of the vocabularies that was on the quiz and struggled using the right words in his conversations.

His pronunciation is definitely one of the biggest areas for improvements. I would rate my student at a 2 under pronunciation because at times it is very hard to understand him. There are certain sounds that he picks up right away and knows how to use it in a sentence. He is still able to say what is on his mind and you are still able to understand what he is saying; it is just difficult at times to understand him.

Grammar is another area where my student did well at. After looking over his journal writing for the day there were very few little mistakes. The teacher said that she is amazed at how well he can write for how long he has been in school in the US. I would rate his grammar score at 4. There were still some errors in his writing but overall did really
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