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HHD 53rd Transportation Battalion 7th Sustainment Brigade Fort Eustis, VA 23604 HHD 3rd Platoon Weapons Maintenance SOP AFD-Q6FG 10-0013 Effective Date 29 October 2013 1. PURPOSE: To address the clearing, disassembling, cleaning, inspection for serviceability, lubricating and reassembling of the M4 or M4A1 carbine. 2. APPLICABILITY: 3rd Platoon, HHD 53rd Transportation BN. 3. REFERENCES: Lubricate Order (LO); STP 21-1-SMCT; TM 9-1005-319-10; DA Form 2404 Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet. 4. RESPONSIBILITIES: You are to complete three copies of DA…show more content…
(3) Pull the handguards free. c. Push the take down pin as far as it will go. d. Pivot the upper receiver from the lower receiver. e. Push the receiver pivot pin in as far as it will go. f. Separate the upper and lower receivers. g. Remove carrying handle, if applicable. (1) Loosen the screws on the left side of the clamping bar. (2) Lift the handle off once the clamping bar is loose. h. Pull back the charging handle. i. Remove the bolt carrier and bolt. j. Remove the charging handle. k. Disassemble the bolt carrier. (1) Remove the firing pin retaining pin. STP-21-1-SMCT 11 September 2012 3-3 Performance Steps Note: Do not spread open or close split end of pin. (2) Push in bolt assembly to locked position. CAUTION Do not drop or hit the firing pin. Damage to the pin may cause the weapon to malfunction. (3) Drop firing pin out of rear of bolt carrier. (4) Remove the bolt cam pin by turning it one-quarter of a turn and lifting it out. (5) Remove bolt assembly from carrier. (6) Press the rear of the extractor pin to check spring function. Note: Any weak springs should be reported to the unit armor for replacement. (7) Remove the extractor pin by pushing it out with the firing pin. (8) Lift out the extractor and spring, taking care that the spring does not separate from the extractor. l. Remove buffer and buffer spring from buttstock. (1) Press in buffer depress retainer and release buffer. (2) Remove buffer and action

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