SOP in sports management

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SOP Information Form Statement of Purpose is a brief and concise essay which describes your past achievements, future goals and your ability to achieve your goals. When providing details please include the following wherever applicable: What? (degree/award/achievement etc) When? (date/span etc) Why? (why did you do that specific course/workshop/seminar etc) How? (how has it helped you in your academics/profession and is there anything exceptional/out of the ordinary that you want to mention about it) Providing maximum detailed and accurate information will help us to produce better document. 1. Your Full Name _________________________________________________________________________ 2. Address…show more content…
Any Additional Courses/Certificate/Training Program related to Work (If any). Also mention if and how this program has helped you with your academics or profession: 17. Please list any additional skills that you had to learn during your work and your area of expertise in it if it has not been mentioned earlier. (E.g. software/hardware etc) 18. Did you attend any workshops/seminars/presentations related to your work so far? If yes, please provide the details along with any learning. 19. Any Special Award/Scholarships at Work? If yes, please provide the details. 20. Please list all your Extracurricular Activities including (E.g. theatre, sports, voluntary services, NGO involvement etc). If you have received any awards please mention them along with dates and other details. 21. Please mention if your family background/business is related to the graduate program that you are applying for and so needs to be emphasized? 22. Anything important you want to mention 23. 23. Required length of SOP _____________________________________________________________________ 24. Draft of your SOP (If any) : 1st Paragraph: While writing about your aim in life, you should also write about your excellence in academics. 2nd Paragraph: You can write about your career goal, plans, what you want to be, your confidence and skills to
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