SPAM: The Unethical Email Phenomenon Essay

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SPAM: The Unethical Email Phenomenon It's what's for breakfast. As I wake from my deep sleep of twelve hours, I step out of bed and go about my daily summer routine. I wash my face and peruse through the fridge for something to eat; its noon, meaning the mail is in. I step out of the house to check the mailbox. I’ve always looked forward to receiving the mail, as most people do until they are old enough to pay the bills. I bring back the mail to the dining table as I commence to eat the leftover SPAM my mom cooked and hope for a magazine or catalog to look at. As I sift through the hoard of envelopes at my disposal, I sort them into their respective categories: “Bill, bill, junk mail, letter, junk mail, letter, catalog, bill,…show more content…
This is only after checking my email 12 hours earlier. Without checking my email for a few days, I could easily accumulate hundreds upon hundreds of SPAM emails. As opposed to traditional snail mail, marketing companies are able to send out billions of emails to unsuspecting internet user a day at fraction of the cost. It is much easier and expedient to communicate through email than traditional mail, creating an exceedingly apparent effect on today’s society. Would you appreciate it if your house’s mailbox was brimming with 200 pieces of junk mail each day? Some with misleading packaging, having to sort through it just to find that one electric bill that you have been expecting? With millions of internet users across the world, SPAM email is a powerful marketing tool capable of impacting millions, but also proving to be a nuisance for most users. Ethical Issues It is as if I am up watching cable television at 2:37AM with nothing better on than a plethora of infomercials touting amazing “as-seen-on-TV” products. I come across e-mail that is addressed to me from anonymous users, e-mails that turn out to be advertisements trying to sell voyeuristic surveillance cameras, low-percentage loan rates, magical weight-loss products, or even the occasional penis enlarging pill. Last week, I received an eerie e-mail offering me lower mortgage rates in my home town of San Lorenzo. “In all, about two-thirds of

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