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Yolanda Rayford Grand Canyon University Instructor: Professor Brian Gibson SPE-357 History of and Foundations for Working with Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (EBD Module 6: Curriculum Guide to Academic intervention September 19, 2014 Introduction: In this paper you will find several strategies the classroom teachers can use and implement in the classroom with their students who suffer from emotional and behavioral disorders. Selected interventions will provide information with the activities and assessments that will be used to help the teacher implement these procedures to help the students to become stronger socially, with cognitive and behavioral and emotional needs for our EBD students. Title…show more content…
Students can be taught skills such as anger management, positive communication skills, and cognitive problem solving. These skills will allow the student to respond differently to issues that may arise. So this means if the instructional focus on teaching the required skills which will allow the teachers to use and implement such strategies appropriately and more effectively in the classroom. Strategy Goal Objective Activities Assessment Anger coping program for grade 2-3 The goal of this program is to 1. Change a student’s behavior, 2. Change the behavior of the teacher, 3. Or a combinations of both. The behavior modification approaches are directed toward helping a teacher manage the behaviors in the children in the classroom. Any successful intervention with an aggressive preadolescent child can have 2 important kinds of results. The first result can be a positive impact on the child’s emotional adjustment on their current relationship with people and their surroundings. Aggressive children usually direct the behavior of others on those they think are against them. Helping the child to know that their action hurt the victims they verbally assault. The second result; this intervention may help the child to reduce a long-term of negativity during the adolescent and adult years. Aggression is a behavior that forms in the middle school years to adulthood. But is caught and redirected in the early years can be

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