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Professional Athletes Salaries: Are they paid too much? What should athletes deserve to be paid? Many players have risen to stardom by becoming a professional athlete. Athletes have come from many different backgrounds; some from wealthy and some from poverty raised backgrounds. Salaries are continuing to rise, and money doesn’t seem to be an issue. Athletes are getting what they want from the owners by negotiating through their agents. Athletes’ salaries aren’t just from their owners, but they come from other sources also. Athletes get paid an enormously high salary for the work they do. Really all they do is entertain us. We should consider the value of their work and pay them accordingly. They do not deserve the extreme amount they get…show more content…
Professional athletes work year round to become better. They also attend miniature camps and their seasonal training camps. These athletes work year round to earn their high salaries. In fact they probably work as hard as any other profession out there. Making it into the pros isn't an easy thing to do. It takes a tremendous number of hours of hard work and dedication every day to earn a job in professional sports. The odds of becoming a doctor or a teacher are much better than somebody becoming a professional athlete, so shouldn’t a professional athlete be paid more? Looking at the other of the issue you can see that they might not be getting paid too much. Many other athletes provide for their immediate and extended families. Many athletes raise and donate money to charity. Many of these athletes are not careful with their money. They help our economy by spending unnecessary amounts of money. The public needs to realize that without the sky-high spending, the economy would not function as well as it does now. We blame owners for giving players all this money but isn’t it the fan's fault these athletes make the money they do? They are the ones who pay a hundred dollars for a ticket, a couple hundred dollars for a jersey and twenty dollars for a hat. They buy the shoes their favorite athlete wears and all kinds of other merchandise. If the public didn't help by buying these items, the money to pay these athletes

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