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StrengthsQuest™ Assignment For this project you will be completing the StrengthsQuest exercise and then compiling the information and findings comparing your personal strengths with your current job. Completing the StrengthsQuest™ Assignment StrengthsQuest™ is a self-assessment tool that will provide you with valuable feedback on your strengths (you will use your findings for this assignment as well as for the NU300 Professional Development Plan). Completing the StrengthsQuest should take about 45 minutes to finish. Click on this link to visit the website: StrengthsQuest™. (2010), Retrieved from https://www.strengthsquest.com/register/default.aspx Enter the Access Code assigned to you. This information will be posted under the…show more content…
V. Strength: Belief How has this strength manifested in your current practice (please be specific)? I have very strong beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. I’ve also been known to advocate strongly for patients. If I have a patient who I feel deserves more than they are receiving, I will speak up. I’ve run into this most frequently with pain management issues. In the ED there are problems, but it was poor pain management in the ICU that has had the most potential to compromise the recovery of the patient. I have on several occasions taken my concerns of the chain of command to accomplish what I need to for my patients. *********************************************************************** Now that you have identified your strengths and how all strengths have manifested in your practice, please address the following in APA paragraph format directly on this form: (1) Summary of StrengthsQuest findings – This paragraph(s) will summarize your impression of results from your StrengthsQuest activity; and, (2) Comparison of effective leadership values and StrengthsQuest findings – In this paragraph(s), you will perform a comparison between your view of an effective leader and those things that you learned in your StrengthsQuest exercise. Then, please discuss, based on this information, if you believe that you are a

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