SSD2 Module 3 Notes

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The Army provides combatant commanders with trained and ready units, leaders, and individuals. Army expeditionary forces are prepared to conduct unified land operations in support of unified action. The Army accomplishes this by conducting tough, realistic, standards-based, performance-oriented training, which is based on eleven principles of training and seven principles of leader development.
As a leader you must understand these principles. Understanding these principles will allow you to see, understand, and function within the "big picture" of Army operations as your unit moves through the Army Force generation process and assesses its ability to conduct unified land operations.
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Operations require leaders who understand the cultures in which they will operate. The cultures are not just foreign cultures; they include such non-Army cultures as those in other Services and government agencies. Individuals, units, and their leaders develop cultural understanding through education and frequent training with military and nonmilitary partners to avoid actions and perceptions that can undermine relationships and mission.
Leaders develop proficiency in both cultural norms and language and, when possible, train with their partners before participating in operations. Commanders and other leaders replicate cultural settings as much as possible during training, using role players or actual partners.

Units learn from formal and informal after actions review
An after action review is a facilitated self-analysis of an organization's performance, with the objective of improving future performance
Units conduct training even when the unit is engaged in operations. As units operate, they learn from formal and informal after action reviews-during and after operations. Leaders continuously evaluate observations, insights, and lessons on planning, preparing, and execution. They also incorporate corrective action into training before the unit conducts the next operation.
An after action review is a
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