SSI Joins Head/Mares

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SSI Joins Head/Mares The other day Head, who owns the Mares diving equipment brand, announced they have reached an agreement to acquire Scuba Schools International (SSI). The effective date will be 1 January,2014. SSI will be acquired by the Mares Brand. Most of the press release was the standard rah rah we are the greatest type of stuff that corporations use when making announcements. There were a few sentences that seem to be place there to insure no one felt threaten by the announcement. First it was stated that SSI will continue to work with all manufacturers and from the other viewpoint, that mares will continue to work with all training agencies. That just seem to be a statement meant to calm the competition. I was asked, what did I think this acquisition would mean in the long run. The simple question got my retired business consultant side of my brain thinking and I started to do some research and look at the press release again. Let me make my disclaimer, these are my viewpoints and I have no connections to either of the organizations to gather inside information. As I re-read the press release on the Mares website near the bottom was a few interesting statements. Quoting from the site “ What can be expected is unequaled business support for dive centers and dive professionals. This will remain the pillar of both businesses ”. The next sentence made me check my dictionary for additional meanings, “Bringing these 2 companies together represents a huge paradigm

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