SSS Software in-Basket Exercise Essay

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Chris Perillo was offered to replace Michael Grant, who has resigned and gone to the competitor Universal Business Solutions, Inc. Previously, Perillo managed a group of 15 software developers, but now he is assigned with a bigger and more prestigious position; the Vice Presidency of Operations for Health and Financial Services. Chris needs to review all the material in the in-basket, as well as the voice mail and e-mail and prioritize the response to each item. Perillo must make good decisions in a good time manner in order to gain confidence from the President and CEO and also all his new subordinates. Each decision will directly affect his career, so as the future of the organization. The case presents a realistic situation
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Another interesting and relevant topic is that Perillo will depend on all the managers and workers under his position to achieve successes. If he fails in establishing trust, most likely he will be naturally expelled from the group, but if not, he can be the likable vice president who everybody feels comfortable addressing problems and discussing issues.

PRESCRIPTION Employees can even try to boycott Perillo if he cannot establish a good communication with everybody, so finishing up the tasks left from Michael in a time manner, prioritizing the job, and build trust will help Chris Perillo to excel Mr. Grant’s previous performance.

IMPLEMENTATION TABLE Timeframe Theory Resources Tactics
Getting trust from employees The first month Trust is not a matter of technique, but of character. Managers are trusted because of their actions, not because of their looks or exteriors Help from Roger Steiner/ CEO and his assistant Paula Sprague to provide information about the staff. Gaining employees trust is about telling the truth, even when it is difficult, and being truthful.
Prioritize the tasks lefty by Michael Grant Two Weeks Chris Perillo will have to prioritize his tasks in order to be politician. Time management. Chris should analyze
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