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AFVB-RFB-SOP 8 February 2014 MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD 1. PURPOSE This SOP defines how 3rd Platoon will conduct clearing, disassembling, cleaning, inspection for serviceability, and lubricating and reassembling of the M4 and/or the M4A1 carbine on a weekly basis. 2. APPLICABILITY: 3rd Platoon, C Co, 1-36th IN, 1ST SBCT, 1ST AD 3. REFERENCES: Lubricate order (LO); STP 21–1–SMCT; TM 9–1005–319–10; and DA Form 2404, Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet. 4. RESPONSIBILITIES: Squad Leaders are responsible for their squad’s serviceability of their M4/M4A1 carbine and the ability for their squad to pass inspection by the platoon…show more content…
(7) Ensure that all new personnel have a DA Form 3749 (Equipment receipt) issued to them. (8) Maintain a current Master Authorization List (MAL). (9) Ensure that all cleaning/maintenance supplies are on hand or on order. (10) Coordinate with 1SG to schedule times to conduct weapons maintenance. (11) Ensure arms room is kept is clean of debris. (12) Perform operational tests on the JSIIDS every two weeks. (13) Maintain all required documentation pertaining to the arms room (access rosters, security construction statement, inventories, JSIIDS records, security checks, daily physical count of AA&E, etc). 4. ACCESS CONTROL a. Unaccompanied access by enlisted personnel of the 568th Medical Company Arms Rooms will be limited to the least number of responsible persons designated by the commander. DA FM 7281-R must be used to conduct a local files check. These persons will be authorized unaccompanied access to the arms room only after they have undergone an interview with the unit commander, enlisted records, medical records, and a local file check conducted by the Provost Marshal. b. The access roster will be prepared on memorandum format listing the names and duty positions of personnel approved for unaccompanied access. The memorandum must be signed by the unit commander and stamped "approval" by the Provost Marshal Office, Physical Security. c. Any of the


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