STARA Class Assignment

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A volunteering experience that holds a lot of meaning to me was being able to participate in a FCCLA Students Taking Action with Recognition (STAR) Event called Advocacy. As part of my class assignment, my partner and I first had to research a need in our community, state, or throughout our nation and then “advocate it”, or make it know, as well as find a solution. Our research quickly showed that Texas was ranked fourth in the nation for the number of children living in poverty and our own county was ranked 116th out of 264 counties in Texas for the number of children living in conditions below the Federal Poverty Level. This project went from being a class assignment, to a volunteer experience that positively influenced and changed my life in so many ways. Now that we had a need, we had to develop a solution to the problem and this is where I began to change. We decided to collaborate with an organization in our county called the Sunshine Room. This organization collects and distributes necessities to children in need throughout our county. I am generally a quiet and shy person. However, we had to make contact with the manager of the Sunshine Room, explain our project and get a list of things they were lacking. Having to present our project, plans, and goals was not easy for this shy girl but the warm reception and excitement soon started…show more content…
We met our main goal of donating three car seats, and we were also able to donate all of the other items that were on our list. In all, they estimated that our donations would be distributed to help at least 35 children in need. Knowing that we had positively affected that many children’s lives was one of the most meaningful parts of this project because that meant that we had “found a solution” which was the point of our
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