STEM Education Video Analysis

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“During the next decade, the United States demand for Scientist and Engineers is expected to increase at four times the rate for all other occupations.” Computer Associates Technologies, made this video to support future generations to learn math and science. The public service announcement is effective at convincing the audience to engage into a career from STEM education because CA Technologies has made the video “wishes”, made a video to emphasize the idea of getting a career in the STEM Education before it’s too late. Interest in STEM remains lower in high school upperclassmen than in freshman and sophomores.
CA Technologies helps every individual succeed in the future they want. By providing more information or showing the great outcomes,
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In PSA “wishes”, children are shown about to blow out candles on their birthday cake, making a wish. A wish that could be something pertaining to their future careers. Later on they show an older woman making a wish as well, looking back and realizing that she made her wish. The Speaker tries to get this message across by showing how anyone can pursue what they want in life, by simply wishing for it.
Men tend to go more into careers where STEM Education is required. More Women should seek careers in STEM, to have an equal job barior. CA Technologies “...aims to inspire... teenage girls to discover an interest in tech-related educational opportunities and careers, with the goal of boosting the number of women in the technology workforce.” Having more girls or women involved can sure make an impact to CA Technologies, proving that any and everyone can truly be what they dream to be.
To conclude, public service announcement “Wishes” began with an idea that wanted others to engage in STEM Education. CA Technologies hopes to make a change, and influence all
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