STEM Jobs Opposed to Sports Essay

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Does hitting a baseball help the trees grow? Does scoring a goal help fight diseases? No, sports cannot help in cases like these, but STEM can. Kids of today’s generation are dramatically influenced by the idea of making it pro in a sport. This takes away from the ideas of joining a type of STEM job. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. People should start thinking about choosing one of these paths and joining STEM over a chance to go pro. STEM jobs are a lot more available than openings in the sports or entertainment world. People working in a STEM job can earn just the same or even more than those that do sports or that are in movies, and those that are in STEM related jobs help their community and the entire world.

The availability of jobs in this world are declining, but that does not mean they are not around. With the right education, anyone can find a STEM job they can join. There are thousands of science, technological, engineering and mathematical jobs in the world. Some of these jobs are very well know, such as a doctor or physician, a mechanic, engineer technicians, a video game designer, or even a pickle maker. These are just a few ideas of STEM related jobs. In the sports world, thousands try to make it to the pros, but will never make. A very small portion of people will ever set foot on stage, onto a baseball field, or shooting hoops on the court. Only about 0.79% of kids in the U.S. will ever go big in the sports world, and…

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