STEM Jobs Opposed to Sports Essay

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Does hitting a baseball help the trees grow? Does scoring a goal help fight diseases? No, sports cannot help in cases like these, but STEM can. Kids of today’s generation are dramatically influenced by the idea of making it pro in a sport. This takes away from the ideas of joining a type of STEM job. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. People should start thinking about choosing one of these paths and joining STEM over a chance to go pro. STEM jobs are a lot more available than openings in the sports or entertainment world. People working in a STEM job can earn just the same or even more than those that do sports or that are in movies, and those that are in STEM related jobs help their community and the entire…show more content…
You could become richer as a doctor or many other STEM careers than sports players or actors. The only real upside to becoming a sports star or a movie star, is that fame and glory that could come out of it. Many of those that actually make it to Broadway, Hollywood, or the baseball diamond go big and become really famous. They become known wherever they go, but does this help the world? Will fame help you in the long run, or more importantly, will it help others in the world? STEM jobs can help the environment, people around them, and even the entire world. Doctors help heal the sick and wounded, scientist create cures for viruses and create new technologies, and firefighters fight fires, and plumbers unclog plumbing. All these STEM jobs help people. Does hitting a home run save a life? Does being in a movie help cure cancer? Does singing on stage fight a fire? No, the ones who does this work are the ones that chose a path in STEM. The new generation it completely fixated on fame and fortune in a path, that over 99% will fail. Jobs in the path of science, technology, engineering and mathematics need to be thought about before people devote themselves to trying to make it pro or on stage. STEM jobs are a lot more available than that of openings in the entertainment or sports world. You can earn just as much money following a career in STEM than sports or entertainment, and these types of jobs can help the world. Will you choose to help
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