STEM Personal Statement

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1. I have developed an interest in science during my high school career, and love watching new technology being created. I figure that I will most likely either continue on to medical school after I receive my undergraduate degree or try to work to design new technologies that will aid scientific research and study. Therefore, it was really a no-brainer for me to pursue various STEM related courses and subjects. In my opinion, the STEM field contributes to innovation and world progress more than any other fields. Without STEM fields, I most likely wouldn’t even be able to type this paper, or use the internet to submit my college application and scholarships. If the STEM field were to disappear, the world would stagnate. In order to prevent…show more content…
As I mentioned in my first essay, I wish to pursue a career in either the medical field or technologies that contribute to the medical field. Both interests deal directly with STEM. STEM is a gateway for me to live my dreams and succeed in a field that is difficult to enter without the correct steps taken and references known. Majoring in STEM would provide me the education and contacts needs to enter the medical or technological field at an advantage. I believe that STEM is truly a resource that allows students to focus on their studies more intently and unearth his/her passions in an academic world. For myself personally, STEM would help me to narrow down the fields of medicine and technology to the precise profession that suits my interests. Likewise, in a world that is creating new careers daily, STEM is one of the few pathways that adapts to the growing diversity of options, and facilitates ubiquitous knowledge for success no matter the circumstance. To me, that means that I can reach my hand into the currently unknown world and create my own course of action with certainty that I will meet success along my way. There is no better way to enjoy life, than to find a passion and chase after it, and I conclude that STEM will allow me to do
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