STEM Program Entry Essay

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Before I came to the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, my world was small. I had never been exposed to the multiple STEM opportunities such as science fair, research, or university professors. I realized how fortunate I was to have such resources, and want to expose more young students to them. There are many underprivileged students in Denton ISD who don’t have access to STEM programs. I helped bridge this gap of educational opportunity by becoming a mentor for Aspire Mentorship, a program that promotes research among younger students to inspire them in the STEM fields. I mentored two middle school girls, a 7th and an 8th grader, through a research project from brainstorming ideas to conducting data analysis to their final presentation at the Fort Worth Regional Science and Engineering Fair. During our initial meeting, the two girls indicated that they were interested in the qualities of flames, so I led them in brainstorming possible problems stemming from flames and solutions we could develop to mitigate those problems. After deliberating, we decided that developing…show more content…
They began to thoroughly understand the project, even offering suggestions as to future projects and works. After they performed experimental trials on the top 22 suitable molecules in a laboratory setting, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had the intuition to run regression correlations on the data. Through the entire process, the two girls grew from slight interest in the STEM field to having developed the thought process of a scientist. Once the pair had finished presenting their project on the day of the science fair, they sought me out. When they told me that I had influenced them to pursue a future in STEM research, I realized that not only am I accountable for my own goals, I have the ability to steer others in that direction as
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