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STR 581 Final Exam Set 4 / 100% correct answers 1) Total customer satisfaction is the general feeling of pleasure or disappointment that results from comparing perceived performance to expectations. To achieve total customer satisfaction, organizations need to_____________. A. Lower prices B. Spend more money C. Lower expectations D. Develop marketing campaigns E. Manage customer experiences 2) ________ consists of people, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate, and distribute needed, timely, and accurate information to marketing decision makers. A. A…show more content…
And ________. A. sample supervisor—who will lead the sampling effort? B. sampling procedure—how should the respondents be chosen? C. surveyor skill—who will do the surveying? D. sample security—how to protect the sample data? E. sample cost—how much does sampling cost? 13) A marketing manager needs to know the cost of the research project before approving it. During which step in the marketing research process would such a consideration most likely take place? A. Step 3—information collection B. Step 2—develop the research plan. C. Step 1—creating decision alternatives. D. Step 1—drafting the research objectives. E. Step 1—defining the problem. 14) To reach Generation Y, rock band Foo Fighters created a digital street team that sends targeted e-mail messages to members who “get the latest news, exclusive audio/video sneak previews, tons of chances to win great Foo Fighters prizes, and become part of the Foo Fighters Family.” Which of the following techniques for reaching Generation Y are the Foo Fighters using? A. Online buzz B. Computer games C. Unconventional sports D. Cool events E. Student ambassadors 15) A company can add new products through acquisition or development. The acquisition route can take three forms. The company can buy other companies, it can acquire patents from

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