STR 581 Week 5 Implementation Strategic Controls and Contingency Plans

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Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans Draken Private Security Martin Beyeler STR / 581 March 9, 2015 Professor Jill Risner Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans DRAKEN needs new growth methods, product development and new revenue sources. The implementation plan below will identify the course of action best suited for the company along with the objectives, functional tactics, action items, milestones, task ownership, and resource allocation. Also, the plan includes financial information including financial projections and a break-even analysis chart that will be used as the basis for moving the business forward. Strategy and Implementation The key…show more content…
This helps DRAKEN management and everyone within the company to have a sense of urgency about what needs to be done. Tasks and task ownership The CEO and the COO are the primary salespersons for DRAKEN. They meet with clients at their location to perform an initial consultation and will create proposals for security services based on the client's needs. DRAKEN management is tracking sales prospects and clients with ACT, a client management database system. The owner’s sales strategy is to listen carefully to the needs of the client and to provide assurance through stories of their experience and an expert understanding of their needs and concerns. While DRAKEN proposals may not be the lowest cost bids a potential client receives, DRAKEN management will follow up with care and the same personal attention that clients will receive if they move forward with using DRAKEN’s services. Resource allocation Resources will be allocated to all functional units in the business according to their needs. Functional units will be required to prepare annual

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