SURF Case Study

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The first thing you do to fix a facility is to evaluate it it and see what potential changes need to be made. But, between evaluating and actually making changes, the facility needs to be assessed to determine specific needs based on the needs of the athletes and the teams that use the SURF. It is important to assess the needs of the SURF and the people who use the SURF before any decisions are made because they are the people who use the equipment and know what changes need to be made. NSCA Questions: How many SURF members will use the facility? The SURF averaged about 209 members a day in the month of October with 6500 members in the whole month. Also something to take into consideration is the foot traffic on certain days of the week.…show more content…
Just observing for a short period of time, it is clear that there are many people whom are novices, intermediates, and advanced, working at the same time and often with each other. I saw some people who it seemed like it was their first few times working with weights, and were only comfortable doing a few exercises. I also saw some more advanced weight trainers helping out lower level athletes with form and technique. But, it seemed like the majority of the people working out were at the intermediate level, which is common at the college age. Most people knew what they were doing and it seemed like they had planned out and followed through with a…show more content…
Overall I think the SURF is doing a good job with all things considered. Based on my observation and the people I interviewed, people are very happy with the way the SURF is ran, its upkeep, and all other things considered. I have learned that students and athletes majorly use the SURF, and 3pm to 8pm are its busiest hours. It seems as though it is perceived that the SURF has many good machines and equipment, but there still could be a few more things added, like a turf area and upgraded machines. It is also something to notice that there are some machines that are used more than others, and that means those machines are under more wear and tear and should be assessed more often. Overall, I think the SURF needs to look at a few machines to upgrade, and to look at adding a few spaces and equipment to the area as
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