Nvq Level 5 Health And Social Care

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Legislation exercise DATA Protection Act 1998 What is your responsibility under the above act as a care worker in relation to;
Recording information –

As a support practitioner all writing and recording must be written accurately, factually and must be relevant. All information and entries are to be dated and signed . All information and paperwork must be legible and there is to be no use of abbreviations or jargon. Storing information-

It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure all confidential records are kept secure. These must be stored in a locked cabinet or locked area which is accessible for each person we support to access. Reporting information

Reporting information can be done using the
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This record needs to be accessible so that safety representatives, inspectors, etc. can examine it."
It also states "An assessment should be revisited to ensure that it is kept up to date and an employer should do this regularly. The date of the first review and the length of time between successive reviews will depend on type of risk, the work, and the employers judgement on the likelihood of changes occurring."

What are your responsibilities under these regulations?

Report any changes you feel may be relevant to management, and if no action is taken refer the matter to your local HSE office or Local Authority Environmental Health Officer. As a Support Practitioner I must understand hazard and risk and have the ability to collect all the necessary information and paperwork. I must also have the knowledge, skills and experience to make the right decisions about how to control exposure.

What are your responsibilities under the above act when dealing with medication?

Medication must be stored in a secure locked cupboard or area as this is part of the role of a Support Practitioner. It is my duty to ensure that the risks to the health of others are properly controlled.

Personal protective equipment at work regulations 1992 and Public Health (Scotland) act 2008

How do these two acts relate to your companies infection control policy?

These two acts relate closely
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