SWOT Analysis And Environmental Analysis Of Apple

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Environmental Analysis A SWOT analysis is an evaluation of the business environment and organizational strategic capability to identify key issues that may impact strategy development (Ireland, R., Hoskisson & Hitt, 2008). Strengths and weaknesses define a firm’s internal environment whereas opportunities and threats constitute the external environment.
Internal Environment
Apple was established as an IT company dealing in exclusively in computers. However, competition in the technology sector forced the firm to focus on other consumer products. The diversification strategy has seen Apple’s sales grow tremendously in the last decade, earning the firm the No. 1 brand position at Forbes. The Apple brand is recognized on an international scale and enjoys a strong recognition thanks to its aggressiveness when it comes to creativity and innovation (Tar, 2013). It has a large number of loyal customers who would purchase the new products regardless of the market price, which guarantees profits from the new division. The company employs and trains skilled sales personnel to promote its items. Besides, direct sales branches are strategically located in high traffic zones to attract more potential buyers and strengthen revenues. The company manages its supply chain effectively. It produces annual publications of supplier codes of conduct, a move that increases brand recognition. The company enjoys implausible trade name trustworthiness, implying that many people will

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