SWOT Analysis: Apple Inc

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Apple Inc. I. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Strong Brand Image Faulty Products Financial Performance is Robust Infringement on Patents The Company has a focus on research and product development Launch of iPad reported as revolutionary Mac OS lacks gaming capabilities Strong reliable OS Nonupgradable Mac PC Easy to use and intuitive gadgets Limited Product Range Small products with stylish designs Product integrations Opportunities Threats Smartphones Competition is intense New Retail Outlets Global economic conditions uncertain Mobile advertising market looks strong Declining sales in PCs Product diversification Dependent on certain suppliers Negative publicity of competitors Popularity of Android Phone growing Provision of Better Warranty Support Product Substitutability Acquisition of Competitors Business Improving Competitors Technology Leadership gap II. Explanation of SWOT Analysis Factors Identified Strengths It is clear that a strong brand image is very important for Apple Inc. because a strong brand image is one that consumers trust and feel is a sound investment representing value for their money. The company's financial performance is robust and this certainly is a positive attribute and predictor for survival of the company in the present economic crisis because Apple Inc. is well established and financially sound. Apple Inc. focuses on research and development which means that the company will stay abreast

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