SWOT Analysis: Five Products Of Gourmet Bakers

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According to our project we take five products of gourmet bakers • Sweets • Soft drink • Ice cream • Pizza • Cakes We need two variables to draw BCG matrix: 1. MARKET SHARE (X-axis) 2. GROWTH RATE (Y-axis) • BCG matrix based on four different situation • Question mark (?): Is a situation at which we have high growth rate and low market share. Cash inflow is less and cash outflow is high. Strategies used by gourmet in question mark situation:  Intensive strategies(market penetration, market development, product development) Reasons  Gourmet reduced the prices of their product to increase their sales  Gourmet introduces new flavor of their soft drinks  Gourmet…show more content…
Threats 1 Change consumer preferences 2 Not built taste 3 Govt regulation 4 Rising inflation 5 Strong campaign from…show more content…
7 Customer retention 8 Innovative culture Weakness 1 Less financial resources for advertisement 2 No broad caste media is used 3 High staff turnover 4 Weak supply chain 5 Limited distribution network 6 No participation in social development 7 Weak customer services 8 Weak research and development SO Strategy (S1, O3) Market development (opening a new branch in shahpur sadar and khushab) (S2, O2, O7) Product development (ads up the new features and taste in their product) (S3, O8) Market penetration (decrease cost by using new technology) WO strategy (W1, O1, O2) Market penetration (increases advertisement

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