SWOT Analysis Of BMW

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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, usually known under its shortening BMW is a luxury car producing company, established in 1916. Headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, BMW produces bikes under BMW Motored, and module electric autos under the BMW sub-brand. It is one of the tops of the line extravagance automakers in the EURO Stoxx 50 stock market index.

SWOT analysis of the company

• Excellent quality, consistency, and service
• Strong and recognized brand, unique brand positioning
• Positive media reaction
• Customer loyalty
• First mover in advertising in its industry
• Professional and experienced marketing team
• Higher price than other cars
• Smaller advertising campaigns
• High costs to ensure product diversification
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The business sector in which BMW works has being seen as great and steadfast clients.

• The fundamental markets for BMW cars have been in Europe, the USA, Japan and the Pacific locale, with the business sectors of Germany and the US representing a large portion of the aggregate auto deals. Imperative markets have likewise been the quickly developing UK, and the Italian, French and Japanese markets. Deals in the USA market have been especially fruitful, as they developed by more than 8 for each penny on the earlier year to 277,000, turning into the greatest business sector for the gathering and overwhelming the Lexus brand surprisingly.

BMW Films
During 2001, BMW Company created and released a series of short films for the Internet called “The Hire”. In this way they could support the release of new vehicles during launch. Every film had a main character, he was called the ‘Driver” and he helped the other people part of the film to pass difficult circumstances using its abilities to drive a BMW. This type of campaign was a non-traditional way to show to the consumers the main features of a BMW and what makes a BMW special. As a new way of marketing this camping increased sales by 12.5% within a year the films were released. BMW reached the minds of costumers that wanted individualism, excitement and emotions that no other car could bring

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