SWOT Analysis Of Centurum

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Centurum Incorporated is struggling to compete in the world of Department of Defense competitive contracting. Completing a SWOT analysis of Centurum will provide the basis for crafting a strategy that capitalizes on the company’s strengths, overcomes its weaknesses, aims squarely at capturing the company’s best opportunities, and defends against competitive and macro-economic threats (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, & Strickland III, 2016). Evaluating Centurum’s overall situation must include whether the company is in a position to pursue attractive market opportunities and defend against external threats to its future well-being (Thompson, et all, 2016). Strength is something a company is good at doing or an attribute that enhances its…show more content…
The Centurum corporate office will not approve the individual offices going after work that they may win if it is for a new customer or something the corporate office may have to invest initial capital in to win.The corporate office also provides extreme pushback against strategy the individual offices suggest in lowering their cost to remain competitive. This is a competitive liability for Centurum. + Market opportunity is a big factor in shaping a company’s strategy. Indeed, managers can’t properly tailor strategy to the company’s situation without first identifying its market opportunities and appraising the growth and profit potential each one holds. Centurum managers do an excellent job of identifying potential opportunities and appraising the potential impact of each opportunity for the company. Centurum managers due an in depth evaluation of the opportunity and establish potential team members that may be required to support the effort along with the win percentage for the effort. Centurum managers realize they cannot go after every opportunity that comes out but know they must capitalize on the ones perfectly tailored to match the skill-sets of its employees and the size of the company. The market opportunities most relevant to a company are those that match up well with the company’s competitive assets, offer the best prospects for growth and profitability, and present the most potential for competitive advantage (Thompson, et all, 2016). Often,

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