SWOT Analysis Of IKEA

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The group is now the world leader in the market for furniture and interior decoration. The stores have grown significantly and are located around the world. It is by exercising various strategies to reduce its prices even more IKEA was able to reach this global position: the company controls every stage of the product design to sale in order to optimize customer satisfaction. It offers them quality products at very low prices. IKEA's strategy is derived from environmental conditions; the Swedish company's understanding before customers want functional furniture, the attractive and modern design, and affordable, with immediate availability. The furniture has lost its status as a heritage object, to become a universal object of consumption. IKEA's strategy is built from the resources and…show more content…
IKEA’s SWOT analysis. Strengths The interior space of its stores is very engaging. Many people just go there to see what was new, without particular need initially. Many products are sold at unbeatable prices but there are also expensive products and high quality. There is very little business who manages to position itself as clearly these two market segments opposites'. Today, IKEA put the sustainability of its furniture in front, through various communications. In 2011, IKEA recycled more than 85% of its packaging. The chain carries such strict control of its suppliers. True listening to customer needs. Numerous market studies show that IKEA is in the Top 10 companies meeting the highest client satisfaction. " Weaknesses Certain geographic markets are struggling. For example, new stores were opened in the United Kingdoms. But growth in the number of stores in a given area is decreasing individual store traffic. The number of global customers has not increased but visitors travel less. Whereas before they realized long trips without any problems. The density achieved sales per store

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