SWOT Analysis Of Netflix

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Netflix has over 75 million clients in over 190 countries in the world and this makes the company a leader in provision of internet television network. The firm provides television shows and movies to the clients per day and they have a viewership of over 125 million hours each day. Ideally, the diversity of their services attracts the customers to watch series, documentaries, and films at any time on screens that have internet connectivity. Thus, this analysis illustrates a SWOT analysis of the organization with evidence.
SWOT Analysis of Netflix
Netflix has specific factors that could enhance its growth or can hinder continuity of its impressive performance. Evidently, the company has strength in its branding as it is recognized in over
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On one hand, the company focuses on monthly subscription that may discourage some of the customers especially if they do not use the services on a daily basis. Additionally, the company has a limited number of suppliers of content and thus a smaller variety of programs (Barney and Hesterley, 2015). On the other hand, there is increasing competition since most of the rivals also focus on internet-enabled television and streaming. Notwithstanding, the improvement in technology may make some of the services offered by the company obsolete since customers may shift to new…show more content…
As such, there is exploitation of the revolution by providing services that the market demands. For instance, the prevalence of internet services in many parts of the world increases the company’s dominance I n the market. Additionally, the provision of the services in over 190 countries puts the firm at the helm of internet television since there is propensity of increase in demand (Barney and Hesterley, 2015). More so, the company focuses on compatibility of the services with other gargets. For example, there is an increase in the purchase of smart televisions, smartphones, tablets, and computers. For this reason, the firm opts to provide services that owners of the devices can use without having to buy additional
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