SWOT Analysis Of Starbucks

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We can find possible solution for Starbucks’s current problems through different marketing analysis. We first applied SWOT analysis in order to find out the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of Starbucks’s branding and current products. Strengths of Starbuck Corporation is the fact that it has a huge upper hand in market share. Starbucks retailing outlet store are all located in heat spot with high population flow, which increase the visibility of its brand to customers. The company has a very good brand protection strategy which increases their brand’s public reorganization and improves the brand loyalty of current customers. They also have a worldwide well known logo with well-developed brand, copy rights and trademarks which mark…show more content…
Additionally, Starbucks register patents for their unique products where attract customer who looking for special or uncommon products. Starbuck’s every retailing outlet stores maintain a good environment for coffee likers. Where most of coffee likers are office works, they prefer a good location for refreshing their mind and a good cup of coffee to motivate them to continue on their works. Another main strength that Starbuck has is the fact that company hires and trains their employee with a high standard service mind, where they are motivated and in love with their job. Lastly, Starbucks maintain a good relationship with both suppliers and customers. Meanwhile on supplier’s side, they purchase in bulk amount to benefit from economic of large scale. With customers, they have a huge customer base loyalty since their product is socially accepted addiction as a luxury coffee brand. On the other hand, Starbucks also has many weaknesses. As a giant in coffee retailing market, it has a large market size. It’s hard for them to have an instant change on its system completely. Second, Starbucks mostly focus on their external expansion, this lead to lack of internal

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