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6.5 SWOT Analysis

The purpose of conducting a SWOT analysis of fairr.de is to use the results in the competitor analysis. The outcome will be applied for comparison with competitors in the Polish private pension market.
For the SWOT analysis, primary data from the interview with the founder Alexander Kihm (Appendix 4) will be added to the strengths and weaknesses analysis. This lead to a more dependable SWOT analysis.
The opportunities and threats of the SWOT analysis are influenced by external factors. Some factors are mentioned in the PESTLE analysis and the Porter’s five forces model and will be included within the SWOT.


Product: The product fairr.de developed is a unique private pension product. It scores with the advantage of no acquisition commission after the product is disbursed. Many providers take out a commission, which leads to smaller payoff for the customers. Furthermore fairrs product is very transparent. Every customer is in full control of his/her product during the whole time after the purchase being made. However fairr.de offers compiled portfolios, but gives potential customers
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Their vision is to offer customers the best and lowest products. Contributions are very low and almost impossible to beat by bigger competitors, who are more focused on making profit.


Though the founders of fairr.de developed their private pension products, they have a very high knowledge on their product and the market. Therefore, they offer a high quality service towards customers. Their team consists of people, who are experts in the world of finance. During the last couple of months every team member received an excellent training on the private pension market.
Therefore, the customer service department can answer almost any questions about the product and the overall situation on the

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