SWOT Analysis Of Tesla Motors

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What measures did Tesla Motors take which differentiated them from other automobile companies?

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This essay examines the question, “What measures did Tesla Motors take which differentiated them from other automobile companies?” The essay begins by providing financial statistics provided by Tesla Motors and discusses about its current market status. The essay then continues with a brief history of Tesla Motors. The next part of the essay provides a SWOT analysis of Tesla Motors, specifically branching them into internal and external. Furthermore, The essay gives SWOT analyses of other high-end automobile companies and points on the 4P (Price, Product, Promotion, Place). The following part
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According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than 25 percent of pollution were caused by transportation and the 90 percent of it is by private vehicles. Many vehicle firms are now spending significantly in R&D of battery powered electric vehicles; that is environmentally friendly. In June 2016, Tesla Motors’ Model S and X, electric vehicles, which fully ran on batteries, were the sensations of the battery electric vehicle market. Many credible tabloids and reliable magazine companies have taken steps to analyze Tesla Motors’ sudden growth spurt in the…show more content…
Product differentiation, a strategy proposed by Edward Chamberlin in 1933, takes account of three factors: price, quality, features. These three factors are intertwined. For example, the price of a product is solely dependent on the variety of features the product has. If a firm seeks to differentiate their product from the competitor’s product, the firm will have to include extra features or exclude common features. Fortunately enough for certain firms, the presence of these noteworthy features will create a strong brand image, which in turn will lead to the increase of loyal customers. To give an example, Tesla Motors’ Model 3 is the only battery electric vehicle which has a sporty design among the other battery electric

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