SWOT Analysis Of The Chantefrais Company

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Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats being identified using SWOT analysis: SWOT's primary objective is to help organizations i.e Chantefrais develop a full awareness of all the factors, positive and negative, that may affect strategic planning and decision-making in the company while conducting the training for setting up the Facebook page. SWOT analysis also plays an active role in any organization as well as PEST analysis. This can help the owner to navigate and implement a sound strategy for the business regardless of company size. Franchise companies can learn a lot from conducting a SWOT analysis. By combining the internal attributes of the company with the external constraints of the marketplace .These are few steps in having…show more content…
Franchise Company like the Chantefrais is an orgnisation where quality and complying with law and standards are particularly respected and they also provide training skills such as hygiene for its franchisors. The weaknesses of the Chantefrais will be if the company is based on quality and hygiene involving high prices customers may be reluctant to buy the product even if it is of high quality they will prefer buying from competitors offering cheaper prices. If the company lacks a key team member or skill, that can be proved to be a disadvantage for Chantefrais. In addition, opportunities can emerge by using its business expertise to anticipate the consumer trends on the market. For Chantefrais , some threats may be beyond control, such as sales may slowdown which may be caused by difficult economic times. If the cost structure is higher than that of their rivals, that combination of customer initiative and market dynamics can be a major threat to their ability to compete for business. Also if it takes much time for the owner to learn how to use the Facebook page training costs may be high. Changing market preferences can also be a threat. The risks that the Chantefrais can come along if training

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