SWOT Analysis: Speedy Bike Sales and Service

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SWOTT Analysis of Speedy Bike Sales & Service External Forces Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Trends Legal and Regulatory Low liability in bicycle business Considerations to be taken for work as a community organization Tax-breaks for companies participating in community orientation Running afoul of regulatory conditions specific to community organization To define Speedy both as business and community organization Global Friendly to local businesses and homes Impacted negatively by lower prices from big-box stores (i.e. Walmart, et al) To use community identity to overcome competition Reduced labor and production costs among competitors Challenging pricing environment Economic Small company with low overhead Limited financial resources To achieve growth by helping to improve surrounding neighborhood To weather the conditions of a global recession Participation in 'developing neighborhood' Technological Limited demand for costly technology Limited ability for resource planning To run small business on modest technology budget Poor ability to compete with faster moving competitors Eventual investment in some tech-based operations systems Innovation Visionary merging of business and social imperatives Need to stay abreast of changes in cycling production To define new model for improving cycling marketability Failure to generate community interest Community interest in such dual endeavors Social Family business with great

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