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Need to transport earthmoving equipment and large vehicles from one site to another as safely as possible? Then it's a good idea to invest in a heavy duty semi-trailer of your own. If you already have one, good. Otherwise, don't fret, as I can help you choose the right model that you can purchase for your new or expanding biz. A particular trailer variant that I think can suit your applications well is the Drop Deck Trailer from the manufacturer: Brimarco.

Basically, this product from Brimarco has become a necessity in many trucking businesses here in Australia because of its capability of hauling or towing a vast range of machines and materials. Let me dig deeper into its features in my review below to show you how it works and what makes it better than the other trailers on the market today.

Brimarco Heavy Duty Drop Deck Trailers: Key Features

The Brimarco
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With the Brimarco Drop Deck trailer, you can transport different machinery as safely as possible. They sport an air brake system with EBS, heavy duty restraints and chains, rope rails, and LED lights that comply with the ADR requirements.

Brimarco Heavy Duty Drop Deck Trailers: Price
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Brimarco Heavy Duty Drop Deck Trailers: Videos

Brimarco Heavy Duty Drop Deck Trailers: The Verdict
Summing it all up, the Brimarco Heavy Duty Drop Deck Trailers can make your hauling applications easier and safer. Unlike your usual trailer, they bring an excellent strength that lets them carry different types of machinery. They boast a high quality design, too. I like their paintwork and their strong construction. I forgot to mention above, though, that each unit has a toolbox & water tank and a stone protection built. No doubt, these trailers from Brimarco is a worthy investment for your
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