SWOT Analysis: Virtual Site of Kudler Fine Foods

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This not only improves the interpersonal relationships amongst the employees, but is also motivates the employees as they feel they are part of every success of the business. The company also offers a wide range of quality fruits, wines, vegetables, and fruits to its clients even in China. As a consequent of this diversity, the company attracts customers of different needs. Furthermore, the virtual site for Kudler are situated in China will enjoy favorable economic conditions, hence making their products affordable. Besides, the firm is customer oriented. It has attained a level of attracting and retaining its customers thanks to impeccable reputation and greater customer satisfaction (Apollo Group, 2007).

Most of the products that Kudler Fine Foods sells are perishable. The company is not popular in China and the setting up of the virtual site may not serve to achieve the intended purpose of popularizing the products. This weakness may result in inherent wastage of goods. In addition, the stores and shelves involve a lot of specialization, which results to difficulty in keeping inventory. The idea of setting a virtual site in China may limits faster growth and development of the business (Hopkins, 2004).
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